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Ousman Touray - Thank you message!

Posted by Africa x5 on

Ousman Touray - Thank you message!

After our Live interview with Ousman Touray a bright Pan African Student from the Gambia who turnt down a series of International Scholarships to study abroad to stay in Africa and study the African model, We decided to assist his career development by fundraising for him towards a mentorship / leadership programme in Kigali. This here is a message from Ousman Touray Thanking you all for all the support and contributions. He is now studying in Kigali and we are so proud of him!✊🏿

You can further follow Ousman's journey and progressions here @ousmantouray19 Rewatch our interview with Ousman Touray at www.africax5.tv A massive THANK YOU to all of our followers on all platforms that made this happen! We truly appreciate you all! AFRICA IS THE FUTURE! ✊🏿

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