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Does God Exist? THE PERSPECTIVE (S1 EP4)

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Does God Exist? THE PERSPECTIVE (S1 EP4)
The Perspective is back with a slight twist. We are joined by influential community leaders to discuss and breakdown concerning topics within the black community. This Episodes Topic: Does God Exist? Discussion held by Meshach (@itsmeshach) + Edison Agbanje (@ancestralessence) + Derek Amal (@supermiaow) - Filmed by @Thinkweike + @mrghostrain6 - Behind the Scene: Jamour Chames (@jamourchames) - This Episode is Sponsored by Enbois Originals - www.enbois-original.com Remember if you like the content Like Share and Subscribe You can support Africax5 on Patreon here https://www.patreon.com/africax5 for more content like this

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