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Name: P Square @PSquareOFFICIAL

Real name: Peter and Paul Okoye

PAUL & PETER OKOYE popularly known as PSquare are a set of twins originating from Nigeria. Both guys sing and dance tremendously well. Say, you think about putting Usher, Bobby Brown, MC Hammer, RKelly and Michael Jackson together and adding a touch of Africa in its entirerity to it. Your first choice in this case would be the duo PSquare.

P-Squares debut album LAST NITE was launched in 2003 which made remarkable sales thereby making PSquare a household name in Nigeria. Paul single handedly wrote last nite, and with Peters help, they were able to write and produce other songs like Kolo their national identity, Senorita, Igbedu, etc which all made up the album LAST NITE.

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