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Name: NC BOYZ @niimpcohalition


African Millionaire Adeng,Shawty Dont Waste My Time and Energy are just a few of the blazing hits by the NC boys formally known as Niimp Cohalition; a group of song writers and lyricists who have graced the Afrobeat entertainment industry with their take on Nigerian and Ghanaian culture word play commendable flows and hooks that encourages their fans to get up and rock to their unique beats. The group consists of 3 songwriters Addo and Black Eagle who are also the superb poetic lyricists of the group and Ajay the producer. Each has their own unique gifts and Ajay cooks up their fusion of afrobeat patterns sprinkled with pinch of UK funky House and a blend of catchy bass lines that will leave you craving for more. With all the hype created when they released their viral dance video for Shawty Dont Waste My Time and with their much anticipated EP set to be out in 2013 the NC boys are ones to definitely watch out for!

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