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Name: Cabo Snoop @2cabosnoop1

Real name: Ivo Manuel Lemus

Cabo Snoop was born in 1990 to Teresa Francisco Manuel Lemus and de Lemus Antonio. He came from a very humble background and sometimes had to do menial jobs like selling water in the market to make ends meet. He started out in entertainment as a dancer with a dance group The Crazy Boyz. He eventually started working as a technical assistant at The Power House a Record Label in Angola. It was at The Power House he was given the name Cabo Snoop because he is as skinny and tall as SnoopDog. He eventually got his break in music when he was invited to sing to an instrumental produced by the Record Label, having previously noticed his talent.Windek was the result of this rare opportunity.He released his first album Bluetooth in 2010. He was awarded Best Lusophone artist at the MTV Africa Music Awards

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