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Name: Asa @Asa_official

Real name: Born Bukola Elemide

Born Bukola Elemide,was born in Paris, France to Nigerian parents. She was two years old when her family returned to live in Nigeria. A?a grew up in Lagos, in the south-western part of Nigeria.

She states that the city is "buzzing with energy but also home to a deep-rooted spirituality. Christianity thrives shoulder to shoulder with Islam in an atmosphere of tolerance, and the turbulent city moves endlessly in an infernal and yet harmonious ballet of love and hate, laughter and violence, poverty and wealth."[citation needed]. Twenty years later A?a returned to Paris, which is where her life as an artist took off.

While in pursuit of educational excellence in Nigeria, whenever she came home from school, she discovered musical acts like Erykah Badu, D'Angelo, Raphael Saadiq, Lauryn Hill, Femi Kuti and Angélique Kidjo, in whose footprints she dreamed of following.

At 18, Asa was very familiar with frustration. The university was on strike and the choirs were snubbing her. During these frustrating times, Asa used to lock herself in her room and sing; this she said was very comforting. Nevertheless, she managed to get her voice heard on a few radio talent shows and her first applause brought her boundless pleasure. She then signed up, in secret, for the Peter King's School of Music and learned to play guitar in 6 months. She sings Yoruba songs differently and these attracted more Yoruba people and Nigerians at large to her music

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